Extended Warranty
Dahua is offering extended warranty exclusively to our dealer partners. This covers multiple product categories. Terms will vary depending on category of sales.

Tech Support
A team of experts is ready to help troubleshoot any issue that may arise. Offering the best support in the industry, our technical support representatives field inquiries with an on-hold period of less than two minutes on average.

Advanced Replacement
For added convenience, Dahua will provide an over-the-counter (OTC) exchange on select products, given that they have not been misused or improperly handled. There is no charge, unless the original merchandise is not returned in a timely manner.

Project Registration
Maximize the budget: partners receive special pricing for projects that have been registered. In addition to these exclusive discounts, registering a project provides advantages such as pre-project planning and support.

Demo Purchase Program
Stay up-to-date with our demo purchase program. Our partners have the opportunity to purchase the latest products, often before they become available on distributor shelves.

We are dedicated to driving sales and customer loyalty for our partners, whether it be sponsoring a company event or sending Dahua team members to assist with customer training. Our marketing experts are available to support our partner’s businesses through co-marketing opportunities.

Online Training
Keep up-to-date on new products and technologies and the changing video surveillance landscape with basic and advanced online training courses. We keep our resources current with a comprehensive knowledge base designed to give our dealers a competitive edge.

Partner Training
Participate in our hands-on training and certification programs to broaden skill set and product expertise to win more business.

Partner Certification
Our Partner Certification Program offers BICSI-accredited courses nationwide, bringing valuable training to every region.

Partner Care Program
To make sure our partners are getting the most out of everything the All-Star program has to offer, all 3- and 4-star partners are assigned a Partner Care Assistant to help follow up on business opportunities and take advantage of program benefits.

Lead Generation
Our lead generation program places qualified leads directly into our partner’s hands to help secure new business and convert those leads into sales.

Priority Tech Support Line
4-star partners use a special phone number to skip the queue and get tech support calls answered more quickly.

Technical Consultant
4-star partners will have access to an exclusive Dahua Technical Consultant with the expertise to help in the field, assist with a large project, and provide technical support.